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god damn it

Posted by vlorbik on October 27, 2009

roadrunner denies me.
don’t be surprised if i never have email again.


3 Responses to “god damn it”

  1. kibrolv said

    came back a few minutes later.
    still. when it *does* break
    i’m unlikely to fix it. very tired
    of having things always get harder.

  2. I do understand and commiserate with you about the ever-increasing complication of the technology of communication. It’s almost as if those who are driving this “advance” are solely interested in advancing the technology rather than allowing users of the technology to communicate substantive ideas! Sheesh!!!
    In the interests of time (and the fact that so few actually read anything anymore) to post more video than text. Hmmm…. maybe I’m adding to the problem here.

  3. kibrolv said

    when somebody posts a link and it turns out to be nothing *but* a video, i find that kind of annoying. typically they take quite a while even to get started so i need some hint of what the heck i’m supposed to be watching *for*. your blog’s coming along swimmingly so keep ’em coming. i wish you’d set it so several posts are in sight though…

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