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Posted by vlorbik on October 26, 2009

i’d sure like to give it a try.
no driver’s license.
if that’s not a problem,
i’m ready to start.

i’m a burnt-out academic
with very little handyman skill.
so far. eager to learn though.

i’ve been meeting classes on time
and turning in grades on time
for a lot of years… which speaks
to my reliability and punctuality.

hard work? the better i like it.
when it’s actually productive
of something… even better.
(my teaching career finally
dead-ended when i became
convinced that most of my
students weren’t getting
anything worth having
out of the process despite
my best efforts.)

i can’t promise you a “quick study”
(since i don’t know your standards
for quickness). some stuff i’m good at
right away; a lot of stuff requires
a certain amount of determination.
mostly i catch on about as quick
as the next guy though i guess.

i’m in pretty good shape for 52.
glad to take on a day’s work
on (or as) your crew as a tryout
any time. i get around on COTA
(the bus system in columbus).

here (despite a certain amount
of absurdity) is my resume.
my phone number’s at the end.


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