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the bottom’s low and the treble’s clear

Posted by vlorbik on October 22, 2009

this post comes to you
from madeline’s windows box
which i’ve just successfully
restored to “talking to the
router” status. again.
for now. with no actual screaming
(this time) but plenty of frustration.
still no idea how it’s done;
all i know for sure is that
our security has been breached
and that there’ll be no end
to the grief for as long as we
keep trying to make anything right
in a system designed to work
*only* for those with what
by comparison to my own resources
can best be imagined as *unlimited*
amounts of time and money.

meanwhile all kinds of events
keep occuring on my screen
for reasons i haven’t begun
even to imagine. there just
isn’t any other explanation
i can imagine: they’re trying
to drive me nuts. this is as
obvious as a rainbow or a sunset;
you can call it paranoia
and even be right about that
but the simple fact is there
for anybody to see that can look.


3 Responses to “the bottom’s low and the treble’s clear”

  1. Don’t feel like you’re all alone in your assessment of the situation. “They” really ARE trying to drive us all crazy… at least those of us who haven’t been lulled to sleep already. Don’t despair, my brother. Hang on to your sense of who YOU are and, above all, don’t give up the fight. As for me, I’m still mired knee deep in the bullshit of the UU beaurocracy and trying to become a “credentialed” minister. It’s getting to the point where I’m about ready to chuck it all and head back to Hawaii and lend my energy (what’s left of it anyway)to the sovereignty movement. That, at least, seems like a worthwhile goal… one far more suited to my sense of “justice” than trying to reform this totally misogynistic system on the mainland. Yet even that struggle is much harder than it looks at first glance. You wouldn’t believe the amount of surveillance technology that’s being brought to bear in Hawaii to keep track of and monitor those who’re working to take back the country from its highjackers. Security has definitely been breached and few are even aware of it.
    Well… now that I’ve got that out of my system, there are a couple of videos on Hawaii that I just came across that lay it out pretty well… The Other Hawaii Part 1 and its companion piece, The Other Hawaii Part 2.

  2. kibrolv said

    couldn’t look at the video on this box; thanks for checking in.

    john’s been blogging up a storm this month. the link appears broken so here’s freethinkers playground. and w’edia on hawaiian sovereignty.

    john moved from teaching part-time into the ministry. the whole deal has been fraught with endless hassles but nevertheless offers itself as potentially a darn good example for *me* to follow.

    any luck, he’ll get back to hawaii soon and set up a base of operations for me to follow him to again.

    meanwhile, in mid-typing, this SOB just jumps to some other part of the page. very likely i’ll hurl it out a window soon.

  3. kibrolv said

    oh. and john’s page at maoliworld.

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