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Send Not To Know What Form Of Government Is Best

Posted by vlorbik on October 14, 2009

john martin posted
a video
yesterday of the
honorable d. kucinich speaking
on The Fear during GWB. good stuff too.
(freethinkers playground… but where
does the apostrophe go?)
there was a guy at uuce last sunday
that mentioned the idea of a department
of peace and it looked like a pretty
vacuous gesture… they *call* it peace
[when there *is* no peace] anyhow:
the “defense” department was after
all once known much more straightforwardly
as the “war” department. anyhow, the intro
here in the video makes it clear that at least
one version of the proposal is that such
a department work toward the abolition
of war. trouble is of course like so many
other similar ideas the first thing the
founding committee would do
if they had any principles at all
would be to disband.
war is the health of the state;
render onto caesar what belongs to caesar;
all that.
i hope for more from the church…
where i haven’t been in years…
than NPR-style hopeless-idealist-
slogan honing.
and i expect to find it. i suppose i’ll
probably have to fight tooth and nail
to *get* it… but i suppose too that
this too is standard operating procedure.
or a weariness of the flesh.
or something.

UUs for a Just Economic Community (UUJEC)


4 Responses to “Send Not To Know What Form Of Government Is Best”

  1. brazenteacher said

    “war is to the health of the state.”

    What kind of “health” are we talking about?

  2. vlorbik said

    something randolph bourne
    said somewhere.

  3. vlorbik said


  4. vlorbik said

    betty aiken art online. madeline has a picture of hers on the wall.

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