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Posted by vlorbik on September 16, 2009

i’m a born-and-raised academic
and so the new year starts in the fall.
if both of the lukewarm teaching leads
still pending for the end of the month
end up turning me down,
i’ll have to knock on some other doors
to get some money flowing in.
trickling in, even… the point is,
not all the time nothing but out, out, out.

now, when one goes *knocking* on doors,
it’s very important to project confidence
and to put people at ease.
i suppose one could just think
of walking into a classroom
ready to present that crucial
first day’s lecture.
each prospect is then one’s student;
our subject (alas) is me (and what
i can do for *them*… but still).

of course you can’t come right out
and *tell* anybody that you’re thinking
of them as their student, though:
“obnoxious” behavior, in a classic
sociology paper i just glanced at
yesterday, is characterised by
casting people against type—
acting like your image of them
differs from their self-image
(not much different from
calling somebody out of their name
[as one also sometimes hears said]).

and i’ve hardly got an unimpeachable record
of projecting confidence…
*or* acceptance of our respective roles(!)…
in first presenting myself to new classes.
but still. could be a good trick.

(there’s still some paperwork to deal with
but basically we’re already getting started;
i’ve heard good things about *you* and
i for one am eager to go and well-prepared
[for any of a number of things…
as for anything else, well,
we’ll by golly *find a way*…
we are, after all, on the same
*project* here…].)

i suppose all this is a longwinded way
of saying, as a teacher of mine recently
said to me in a different context
(or *was* it?): hold your head up.


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