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An Applause Is A Baby Ovation

Posted by vlorbik on September 9, 2009

I’ve been walking around on the streets with the guitar and getting appreciative grins and whatnot; I figured out today how to record and play back on Legion here (there’s a built-in microphone… and camera, and graphing-calculator-of-the-gods and what have you). I sound great; I’m ready for the clubs. My second driving test (of this round) is in a couple days; much depends on its result.

Meanwhile, today’s guitar news was: Funny Tunings. I’ve only ever barely tried any. Except for leaving off the low E (noted in this comment) and putting a fifth-string-one-step-flat in place of the third a week or so ago. The effect of this modification is to put a bass note where it’s easy to get to: one has replaced a G note with a lower G note so the fingerings don’t change (so, for instance, a B7 chord [or what have you] is still a B7… just not quite the same one). The reason for this modification is that I keep busting out G strings.

Anyhow, today for the hell of it I put an extra D string on in place of the E (and tuned it to a higher-pitched E; an experiment inspired by my mother-of-invention earlier move with the low-G-for-high-G substitution). OK so far. But then I tuned it back to D and tuned the first string to a D as well. This is a great tuning and I’m proud to say I almost instantly found a groove that lasted me for hours (on and off, others between). Work the heck out of the first string while barring four strings straight across at frets five, seven, and zero is pretty much all it amounts to.

If I’d’ve been called on to teach some absolute beginner something about guitar today I’d’ve started with this tuning. Not sure but that this feeling might persist. If they can just barre the four strings right away they can rock right away. Maybe. No telling how much of this is the user illusion.

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