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A Much-Needed Gap

Posted by vlorbik on September 9, 2009

\bulletBourbaki 2.0.
\bulletCatherine J. spots a newish paper by the amazing H. Wu.


2 Responses to “A Much-Needed Gap”

  1. kibrolv said

    Therefore teachers who can make transparent what they are talking about (cf. definitions and precision), can explain what they ask students to learn (cf. reasoning and coherence), and can explain why students should learn it (cf. purposefulness) have a much better chance of opening up a dialogue with their students and inspiring them to participate in the doing of mathematics.

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  2. Vanessa said

    Even just a few of the teachers who are really good at explaining, making processes not just transparent but exciting, can carry learners capable of self-paced study through lean years. Those needing more structure and light in between are out of luck. There are more and better self-study resources now – compared to my early years in the last ice age, but may not make enough difference without will or interest. I wondered about group work, but, according to the paper & comments, the strategy is not consistently satisfactory.

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