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Letting I Dare Not Wait Upon I Would

Posted by vlorbik on September 2, 2009

So here’s some songwriting notes. With capital letters and quasi-justified right margins for variety. Gaff My Wheel I play now in “First Position”… the usual D, E, and A chord every beginner learns… and in two different sets of three-string-barre variants. This puts my highest note three octaves above my lowest. (On the guitar. On vocals I’m a pure banger with no theory whatever. Yet.)

I’m quite proud of my recent development as a guitarist, so I’d better admit it right away. Still a beginner of course… but now with, to name only the most obvious thing, a lot more chords to choose from.

The first thing was to understand that First Postition Chords could be “slid up the neck”: an “E” chord, played with fingers 234 instead of the usual 123 (for example), can be moved “up” (higher notes; “down” to the untrained eye) the neck by one fret to produce three notes of an F chord; one then adds a “barre” with finger 1 by simultaneously depressing all six strings to get the full six-string F chord.

Two more frets gives G; two more gives A; so on (one somehow knows that A-BC-D-EF-G-A is in effect… a picture of a piano is helpful…). Likewise for A chords: A-plus-one is B-flat etcetera etcetra.

My friend “Henry” plays plenty of both of these types (E-plus-n and A-plus-n) but can’t be persuaded to take the trouble to learn how to compute their names; I consider this pretty amusing but expect it’s also pretty common. He can’t break a phrase down either: “Here: just do this” being about as good as it’s gonna get. This “resistance to theory”, as I here propose to call it, hits a note I’ve been blogging about recently.

Anyhow. That’s the bit I’ve “always” known… since the 70’s most likely. Somewhere in the 80’s I’ll’ve added in what might as well be marked as the First Exercise in my designed-on-the-fly (and still-in-progress) Learn The Neck method. To wit. Take a C chord (with fingers 234) and raise it five frets. Now instead of a barre at the fifth fret, depress only the third string (at the fifth fret). Call this “open C-form E”; by “open” I mean to refer to the fact that both E strings… the highest and lowest on the guitar… are to be strummed. The rest of this exercise should now be easy to describe. Open E-form A and Open E-form B. That’s it. You can do a twelve-bar blues with these. You can stay up late doing it for hours.

I just had this feeling that it would be a good idea not to let this pinkie finger go to waste; these chords looked like a good way to make it stronger. I went out of my way to a certain extent to use more of the harder C-form chords as I developed this routine. I think I’ll have guessed well. (Full disclosure: C7-form chords use all four fingers too but I learned those without conscious design. There’ll be much else that I’ve forgotten.) Anyhow, all this around the time my first marriage busted up. Never went much past it until last summer. Started working out a bunch more C-form stuff… again, essentially in the form of exercises-designed-as-such (each is of course understood also to be a song-waiting-to-happen; it’s an exercise until I start writing down lyrics). But it’s the three-string barre stuff that’s the real stylistic breakthrough here. And that came slowly and as it were by accident, mostly via “Ringing the Neck”.

That, and “Pinkie’s Blues”. That one’s a blast too.

4 Responses to “Letting I Dare Not Wait Upon I Would”

  1. kibrolv said

    school is hell. RIP.

    ht: peter gray, _psychology_today_.

  2. somebody else said

    new guitar track today:
    4 strings 5 ways.

  3. vlorbik said

    c&p from the google-blog.
    get away from me with your lies.

    Tuesday, August 18, 2009
    Gaff My Wheel (2009)
    Here we go again
    It’s another phony friend
    Pretending that they’re oh so glad
    They’ve found ya
    Until you can escape
    It’s emotional rape
    You haven’t got a chance
    When they’re all around ya
    And they always seem to know
    Right where to find me
    And start right in
    To own me or define me
    I will somehow make ’em see
    That that can never be
    Get Away From Me With Your Lies

    GAFMWYL Mister Salesman
    GAFMWYL You flirt, you tease
    GAFMWYL You politician
    Get away from me you dread disease
    Pretty please

    Get away from me
    With your phony sympathy
    I can see what you want
    In your eyes
    All you want from me
    Is that I should agree
    That I’m the kind of guy
    You should despise
    But you really oughta pick
    A better victim
    Some sucker who won’t even know
    You’ve picked him
    I will somehow make you see
    That your victim can’t be me
    So get away from me
    With your lies
    Posted by r. r. vlorbik at 2:18 PM

    vlorbikAugust 18, 2009 at 2:27 PM
    songwriting notes.


    vlorbikSeptember 2, 2009 at 12:04 PM
    i cited this page here:
    more songwriting notes.


    owen thomasMay 20, 2010 at 12:23 PM
    this had its first public performance a week
    or two ago at the breakaway (main & country club
    in columbus). moderate hit (complements
    from two different parts of the [small!] crowd).


    r. r. vlorbikMarch 30, 2011 at 11:36 AM
    demo track
    (starts at 3:23).

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