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concerning that of which we cannot speak

Posted by vlorbik on August 27, 2009

so. i’m recently becoming
more vividly aware of my distaste
for the analytic method.

my reaction against the doctrine of
as promulgated by pop psychology?
now understood by me to be
closely related to my
reaction to, well, the whole notion
of a musical “score”…
the math-anxiety-for-music thing
i noted in the first post
of my last personal blog.
it’s *also* related to the
“tricks for getting along with people
become evil when studied for the purpose
of *selling* the poor bastards some
crap they’d be better off never having
heard of at all” vibe i noted, for example,
in a piece in my zine
over ten years ago.

in a word, it’s the classic
analytic/romantic split
at the heart of _zamm_.

and one would do much better to go off
and reread that masterpiece than to
continue with *these* ill-formed
gropings in the dark. so i’ll just remark
that in *one* thing, i’ll have passed
the master. phaedrus is obsessed
in _zamm_ with what he comes to call
“the metaphysics of quality”…
where “quality” is the great undefined
source-of-all that he navelgazingly
tumbles into in a horrifying

but, hell. *i* know about quality.
quality comes from *caring*.

and that’s a beautiful thing.
or had *better* be; i’m pretty convinced
that this is as good as it’s gonna get.

the *sad* thing is that
caring comes from pain.

this is why “passion” means “suffering”…


One Response to “concerning that of which we cannot speak”

  1. Sue said

    I wish caring were enough. I’d be a better parent, and a better teacher, than I am. I liked ZAMM but I don’t feel much need to define quality.

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