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Your Old Money Doesn’t Matter Now

Posted by vlorbik on August 14, 2009

Cosma on Naming Infinity… and plenty more… While the Algae Grow for July.

This First Earth video is pretty sobering on “peak oil” and architecture. They make you watch an ad first. I never watch these in other peoples links and nor should you if you find it too TV-like. It’s only a doggone video. You could read the same stuff all over the web and probably have. These screens are hypnotic I tell you.

Mr. D. is dead wrong on pencils. The Math Wars never end. Get the kid some real pencils and a couple sharpeners. Geez.

American Educational Research mocked in KTM.


The Internet Anagram Server. Gaze into the abyss.

K-12 Blogs by “movingforward”.

2 Responses to “Your Old Money Doesn’t Matter Now”

  1. vlorbik said


    sam arr duly appreciated.

  2. vlorbik said

    “anaphora” in ktm

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