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Insomnia. What Else Is New.

Posted by vlorbik on August 14, 2009

S. Downes on Friere a few months back.

The one who is doing the decreeing defines himself and the class to which he belongs as those who know or were born to know; he thereby defines others as alien entities. The words of his own class come to be the “true” words, which he imposes or attempts to impose on the others; the oppressed, whose words have been stolen from them. Those who steal the words of others develop a deep doubt in the abilities of the others and consider them incompetent. Each time they say their word without hearing the word of those whom they have forbidden to speak, they grow more accustomed to power and acquire a taste for guiding, ordering, and commanding. They can no longer live without having someone to give orders to. Under these circumstances, dialogue is impossible.

pedagogy of the oppressed

Which’ll have something to do with why I was led last quarter to rail against the office drones who download cliches from the internet and print it up and distribute it in great numbers as if this vacuous tripe was somehow the school’s real message and all that crap we frustrated former scholars are doing in the classrooms is really only there to help everyone understand that the important thing is who got paid and how much.

“Eternal vigilance” is alleged the price of freedom. I’m guessing “constant mortal terror” is a little closer to the mark. Put me back in the mud.

2 Responses to “Insomnia. What Else Is New.”

  1. Vanessa said

    you betcha… all of it: vacuous tripe, vigilance, terror, intimidation, mud. Still, whenever someone steps on my head, my reaction is to bite ankles. It rarely turns out well, but I can’t seem to break the habit.

  2. kibrolv said

    let ’em quit stepping on our heads, then, eh?
    anybody ever think of that?

    nope… still they cry out… well, step… for more!

    well, i’ve still got thirtyone
    teeth left in my head… thirty-and-a-half…
    and, since this seems to have been the party
    i was *invited* to, guess the thing to do is
    *join right in*.

    me & the mad one watched _paths_of_glory_
    yesterday. now *there* was some ankle-biting!

    _time_ magazine suggests that power purifies
    in the gratuitous robot link provided by wordpress
    (above… maybe).
    actually a pretty cool piece for _time_
    as i imagine it… i’ve avoided it almost
    altogether for years….

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