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got answers? don’t ask.

Posted by vlorbik on August 14, 2009

so there’s this whole *religion*
called “submission”… or, rather,
since i intend here to call things
by *my* names for them (while still
keeping weather eye on *clarity*),
there’s a *branch* of the religion
of *monotheism* called “submission”.

i refer of course to so-called
“islam”, which does us a favor by
bifurcating in what i suppose we
call the usual way (into “sunni”
and “shi’ite”) just to remind us
that there is no one true version
even of the one true faith (if any).

anyhow though, that “god-the-father”
son-of-a-bitch is plain to see
front and center in *all three*
“people of the book” branches
of what i’ve here called “monotheism”
(only because i haven’t settled on
a way to refer to, well, let’s say
*western-slash-mideastern* monotheism;
the point is that the appalling way
so-called christians and alleged muslims
have used [windowdressing] differences
in their approach to the universe to
keep their flocks in their proper pastures
shouldn’t be reinforced in discussions
making any effort at religious neutrality;
“western” civilisation—monotheism with islam
marked as its demonised other—is, though
one hates to differ with one of the few
eminent wise men our age has produced,
*not* a good idea). where was i?
no. better question. who cares?


5 Responses to “got answers? don’t ask.”

  1. Sue said

    Hmm, i think we’re on the same wavelength this morning. I just wrote a post that was going to be about Freire (spurred by your previous post, of course), and ended up being about all my heroes, including Starhawk, who writes so well on this issue. Over at And All the Rest.

  2. kibrolv said

    i’m gonna find out some more about starhawk…

  3. Vanessa said

    I recall an anthro referring to the big three as same – all “desert monotheism”

    so from that perspective, when the early roman formed & educated fathers of the early church went forth to preach desert monotheism to germanic tribes, the reformation was already a done deal

  4. kibrolv said

    absolutist parties split in two
    almost at their inception
    as a *rule*. it’s like some karmic law.
    probably explains why we’ve
    always been at war with eastasia.
    or oceania. or, anyway, somebody.

    but sometimes the alien culture
    just *morphs* the missionary one
    and you get cult-of-the-virgin stuff
    or whatnot… never can tell…

    stuff sure *seems* historically inevitable looking back.
    kings and priests and prophets just
    *know their lines* and act accordingly.
    hard to remember sometimes it’s all
    a mass hallucination anyhow so
    deja vu can be considered business as usual…

  5. kibrolv said

    the “starhawk” discussion continued
    in a later thread.

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