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Proudly Burned Toast. Again.

Posted by vlorbik on August 13, 2009

So I failed the doggone driving test; try, try again is all that one can stand to think of after having thrown even as little money at it as one has already and just think the joys have barely begun.

One’s students are of course subjected to similar ordeals routinely… one is always trying out here on this crazy mortal plane evidently and the only weird thing is that it never seems to become any less unsettling. If you could die of embarrassment I’d’ve been mercifully out of it a long time ago so there it is. Go home, spin up the new song for a while. Write a blog post. And, let’s see… supposedly one can schedule an appointment here. In any case, the phone is known to actually work.

One Response to “Proudly Burned Toast. Again.”

  1. kibrolv said

    the site works. you have to wait a week
    though even to try to get on the schedule.

    so be it. mark the calender.

    breathe in; breathe out.

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