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A Critic’s Work Is Never Done

Posted by vlorbik on August 12, 2009

McLemee spots Publishing Genius for IHE.


5 Responses to “A Critic’s Work Is Never Done”

  1. Scott McLemee said

    Seeing my name spelled that way is like having a toothache.

  2. kibrolv said

    what did i tell you? never done.

    sorry about that (i had “McClemee”…
    some other guy i guess).

    i think what happens is that the ignorant
    writer… me in this case… wants to get
    the E and the EE in the right places
    and *loses track* of the real crux…

    i had to look three times to find the mistake!

    now. like a toothache, it’ll probably come back.
    with any luck, it’ll be somebody else doing it.
    how do you *pronounce* that?

  3. Scott McLemee said

    Thanks. I’m more or less indifferent to how people pronounce it.

    Found this while tracking blog discussion of Publishing Genius Press. Good to see the article is getting around.

  4. kibrolv said

    this search here,
    then, i imagine. hmm.

  5. kibrolv said

    “Adam Robison purposefully did poorly in college so he would not know all sorts of things, so he would not be put into a position of power. Ah, intelligence.”


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