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Program Stuff I Guess

Posted by vlorbik on August 11, 2009

If you don’t consider yourself a member you don’t have to keep it anonymous; you get the idea. Anyhow it’s pretty much just thinly disguised Christianity anyhow though with the saving grace of Christlessness. This “forgiveness” thing looks like one heck of a winner though so I’m gonna just go ahead and renounce whatever vows I might ever have made to resent anybody forever and stuff. Just too tiring trying to stay hateful I suppose and there’s no use trying to figure out why any given soul at large in this crazy universe would need to take hundreds of meetings and study a small library full of scriptures to understand this either. Some people are just sort of slow on the uptake. Go in peace, whoever you are. Live long, prosper, may the force be with you. All that.


One Response to “Program Stuff I Guess”

  1. vlorbik said

    “what do you want
    out of life?” i could
    ask, and answer,

    (case smashed,
    obviously). dick.

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