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Writing The Words Of A Sermon That No One Will Hear

Posted by vlorbik on August 7, 2009

This isn’t from management, mind you. This is from the fucking union. For the “regular faculty” (the part-timers had a drive ten years ago but it was led by me and failed spectacularly). Forget the idea that anything important actually happens in classrooms and just admit it’s all about selling fucking software. Don’t study math, kids; what matters is Course Mangagement.

Health experts continue to warn us about the possibility of a pandemic flu outbreak in the near future. The College Safety Committee has been developing processes to put into action should a widespread outbreak of flu affect students and/or employees of the College.

Faculty should be aware that in the event of a pandemic flu outbreak that forces the closing of campus during a quarter, the College will likely try to continue running courses to the greatest extent possible, allowing students to complete their courses for that quarter. Faculty are encouraged to consider ways that they would be able to finish a course should in-class meetings be suspended.

As one example, in the event of an emergency closing of campus, use of BlackBoard to communicate course content to the students may be necessary. All faculty should know how to post announcements, attach their syllabus and other relevant course materials, etc., to the BlackBoard site for their courses. Faculty who have not used BlackBoard in the past should become familiar with how to do this in order to enable students to access materials in a worst-case scenario.


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