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Experimental Error

Posted by vlorbik on August 5, 2009

With any luck, I’ll get email here soon.


4 Responses to “Experimental Error”

  1. Joe Smith said

    Is this the kibrolv I formerly knew as vlorbik who read my writing on Against the Robots! and whatnot? Well, I’m at it again with a new title. Let me know if you want to receive it. Send me your address.

  2. kibrolv said

    @joe: heck yes it’s me. very good to hear from you!

    @others: joe’s published lots of cool stuff
    in the small press; ATR! was blogrolled
    on one of my many blogs up until a few weeks ago.
    he’s even among the select few dozen zinesters
    i’ve talked to face to face (at a bowling green con).
    i sent him a link to for john henry
    but it’s moved so i’ll take this excuse
    to post it here. robots are opposed.

    long live manual pubs!

  3. Vanessa said

    kibrolv = vlorbik

    so I am not losing my mind or if i am this is not a symptom of it

    trying to get in habit of checking in at this address/ giving reader/rss feed yet another try

    adjunct project progresses, communication improving but still plagued by hard to break hierarchies (even among the lowliest) & habits of cacademia

  4. vlorbik said

    @vanessa: thanks for mentioning your
    struggles with “readers”… sometimes
    i get the idea i’m the last one to “get it”
    with stuff like this.

    @the whole net if i had my way:
    i “met” vanessa through my
    research… well, mucking about
    really… for the lumpenprole;
    she’s a polyblogger like myself
    so i’ll just mention that she’s (in
    very distinguished company
    as) an organizer for the
    new faculty majority
    and sometimes blogs about it here;
    after that you’re on your own.

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