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Withdrawal Symptoms

Posted by vlorbik on July 31, 2009

Sorry for the disappearing act. Once I’d shut down MadPOV and th’ AcLump, and lost the lease on vlorbik-dot-com and my account with my former employer and whatnot I experienced one of my manymany to-hell-with-it moments, never more common than when there’s a computer in the picture. OK, a computer or a telephone.

There’s also an “I don’t know who I even am anymore” thing going on and pretty doggone fiercely if I’m any judge. This probably won’t surprise my three or four remaining loyal readers much since I haven’t vanished altogether from the interwebs. For that matter, constant personal emotional meltdown crises are, like, my stock in trade.

Anyhow, one of the things I’m sure I am is the guy who used to do VME. Also I wrote up some lecture notes once in the form of Textbook Chapters (and flogged ’em halfheartedly until my tenuretrack dream turned to concentrated horsepiss). Also I’ve demonstrated anyhow a dilettante’s devotion to self-publishing: GLOAT magazine (1969), STOP and The Ten Page News (early 70’s), The Ten Page News and Indy Unleashed (late 90’s & early 00’s). To say nothing of VME and the other blogs (IU was a zine review zine so I was here trying to survey a certain selfpublishing subculture [just as I was doing with VME not that anybody seems to have noticed]).

So like I said elsewhere recently, I should be doing a book not a blog. What I didn’t say there, but what seems almost as obvious, I should then print up a couple hundred of ’em at my own expense and spread ’em around. We’ll cross that bridge if we can’t get out of it. Meanwhile, I’m back. Sort of. Maybe.


7 Responses to “Withdrawal Symptoms”

  1. Sue said

    (Added to my reader.)

  2. Pat Ballew said

    Well, Welcome back….

  3. kibrolv said

    good to hear from you both.

    for other readers; sue and pat
    are math teachers with blogs.
    one could learn this by clicking the links
    at their names in the messages above
    of course but why take a chance.

    it’s probably no coincidence that both of ’em
    write a lot about books… good writers are
    good *readers* first (for some values of “good”).

  4. kibrolv said

    one is explicitly shooting here for a sort of
    “conversations with friends i’ve never met”
    kinda thing ala SF fanzine lettercols, by the way.
    i suppose that’s what comment threads are
    *usually* for but on the other hand why let things
    go without saying when they’re so easily made explicit.

    quit lurking!

  5. kibrolv said

    here’s sue v’s
    and all the rest.
    which doesn’t show up in google for hecksake.
    i’m guessing this is because nobody’s linked there.
    so that oughta change real soon.

  6. Sue said

    It also doesn’t show up in your list of ‘blogs I follow’, which I noticed when I was looking at your photo. I just googled my name, and it still doesn’t show up on the first page of hits. Hmm, nor does it show up when I google this: “and all the rest” blog.

    I guess I chose a bad name…

  7. vlorbik said

    i’m subscribed to _all_the_rest_ in some *other* program
    also run by google. if there’s a button for “follow” in a
    “blogger” blog i like, i’ll generally just click it.

    until today that worked pretty good on *those*.
    crashed my browser twice today though so there’s that.

    what’s annoying is having all these damn ways to do
    what looks to me to be the same thing. optionitis.
    i was just complaining to you the other day about
    not understanding bookmarks and tabs anymore;
    this is quite similar. i’m sure once you get used to things
    there’ll be some cool thing you feel you couldn’t’ve done without
    but *having to get used to things* all the time
    when you should be working on some project of your own
    gets mighty tiring as the years wear on.

    meanwhile, i hope nobody’s trying to find me by email.
    dear god life is sillier than anyone ever could have imagined.

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