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yesterday’s news

Posted by vlorbik on April 23, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-22 at 20.01

Photo on 2014-04-23 at 07.12

the afternoon’s first-of-the-day load
included most of the glass… including
the new mason jar (that recently arrived
here full of spaghetti sauce)… and got
the cleanest dishwater. the jar is at
the far right (in front of one of the
[three] plastic pitchers… there’s
usually at least one of these in the
refrigerator, as this shot from
about last week suggests). the photo
shows the evening light; the dishes
had been sitting there for a while
by then and were dry.

and then there’s the second-of-the-day
load from several hours later, photographed
mere minutes ago in the morning light.
remarkable for showing the makeshift
drying rack (with the silverware on
it in front of the faded-dayglo green
counter-cover) for, i think, the first
time here.

meanwhile, grading. farey sequences
should be taught in elementary school.


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come saturday morning

Posted by vlorbik on April 19, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-19 at 10.42

we’ll be headed over to ron’s in
a couple of hours… it’s been a
while since we’ve seen him. with
madeline’s lemon squares in hand,
let me assure you. the powdered
sugar meets the tart fresh-lemon
tang just right. other than that,
plans on the day? not much, not
really. once or twice through
the stack of exams, i imagine…
with maybe some stall-for-time
*reading* in number theory (and
combinatorics) while the home-
work papers themselves wait.
some streaming TV-series eps more
or less of course. (columbo!)
some more guitar (i’ve put in
about half an hour already today)
most likely. about time i made
a recording, at that. and of
course, some *messing about in
the kitchen*…

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the livingston avenue review of t-shirts #3

Posted by vlorbik on April 19, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-18 at 21.53

i claimed last week in the other blog
that i’d be going to SPACE: here’s proof
i kept my word. the t-shirt’ll never look
this good again of course. but me? just
like ol’ broadway joe, that’s me: getting
better looking every day.

i don’t know how much less i *weigh* than,
say, this time last year… but i know i’ve
punched yet *another* hole in this belt here:
a couple of inches on the waistline, easy.
all without going vegan or fasting or dieting
or *any* of that. yay, me. still way over-
weight. but going in the right direction.

anyhow, nix is ken eppstein’s line of
rock-n-roll-horror-western-kids comics,
straight outta columbus, ohio…
and, just like stan the man or some-
thing… though obviously on a much
smaller *scale*… ken gets lots of
cool stories and art from his “bullpen”,
usually several stories per ish.
i first spotted it in 2011.

it was great to see ken at the show and
pick up the new “book”. of course i got
all the OH, COMICS! i’d missed since the
last time i attended… bob corby’s annual
of ohio small-press comics. bob’s also
the guy who puts SPACE on every year:
a pillar of the community. yay, back
porch comics

i also picked up work by old favorites
john p., max ink, suzanne baumann,
michael neno, craig bogart, & larry blake,
and had at least a short conversation
with each. see the appropriate issues
of the ten page news and indy
for my reviews from long

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Enter title here (this space was not intentionally left blank)

Posted by vlorbik on April 18, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-18 at 07.42

here’s a pleasant sight first thing
in the morning: done dishes. i made
this shot (on the first take as usual…
this is journalism not high art after
all) while my first hotwater of the day
was getting zapped (i’m halfway down
the cup now [generic instant coffee
with sugar & half-&-half]). slowly
coming to consciousness. next:
wander around the house collecting
clothes & whatnot and getting dressed
and loading up pockets & pack and
making vague plans about how to spend
the rest of the day. closest first:
what’s for the busride? the pack will
have to have some *crosswords*.
there’s a folder for that. i don’t
need the “artwork” stuff. maybe a
mathbook: bogart. sure, why not.

so on. but the darn thing’s turned to
*fiction* now, not journalism. none of
this stuff has *happened* yet. meanwhile.
Vlorbik Predicts: i won’t get to *putting
away* all this glass stuff until i get
*back* from the campus run (noonish).
maybe i’ll know something about stirling
numbers (of the second kind) by then.

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always halfway there

Posted by vlorbik on April 17, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-17 at 15.08

between yesterday’s quiche…

finished during this afternoon’s
movie (_nebraska_; thumb up).
madeline made it not i, but the
“secret” this time around is
“lots of sausage & a little
green pepper”. gee it was good.

and tonight’s “perfect lemon bars”…

madeline’s about to make *those*
(from some printed-out recipe…
no secret here: fresh lemons
will be the reason *this* stuff
rocks (as it almost inevitably
will). what they call “lemon
zest” is evidently what the world
calls lemon *rind*. i quit read-
ing the recipe (it’s lying nearby
next to the bowl of lemons)
right there, so i can’t tell you
any more about *that*.

i’ll’ve finished up some leftover dishes;
you can see ‘em here freshly rinsed
from the almost-used-up soapy water
that’s now most recently gone down
the left-hand drain. also i’l’ve had
the usual two or three cups of coffee;
also some lemonade (both all-natural and
“streched” with powder-mix ‘nade…
all “beverage committee” stuff and so
all mixed up by me). half-and-half
in the coffee, praise gaia.

the quiche, we had the last two-
-sixths of, zapped and served on sidedish
plates, with a nice thick tomato slice on
top, and a little puddle of greek seasoning
on the side (of the plate itself… not,
for pity sake, in some crazy “saltcellar”
or anything).

and that’s about it. some salsa-and-ranch
two-dip blend drying out by the sink from last
night’s cornchip orgy while i was bussing-
-and-rinsing. right out of the jar with
a spoon, if you must know.

so now the whole right-hand “rinsed-
-&-ready” shelf is covered in the
glass stuff. and the mad one’s in
the kitchen cooking us a tasty desert.
and my whole grading stack… no, i tell
a lie… all of the grading except for
a couple of “late” papers that i’ll
probably want to *age* a little longer
anyhow… is done, a day early
(tomorrow i’ll drop it all off and
pick up what promises to be a pretty
horrific load for the weekend). so
i’m having a pretty high old time here
blogging away in our happy home, again
today. back to _introductory_combinatorics_
(kenneth p. bogart) (i post-blogged about
a passage earlier today. i wish
this thing had fallen into my hands
thirty years ago when it was new to the
world [and i was new to serious "counting"]).
but not *really*. right now is also
a very good time.

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peace and prosperity again today. wow.

Posted by vlorbik on April 15, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-15 at 13.45

this must be the second-most
beautiful thing in our happy
home full of many beautiful
things: plenty of good stuff
to eat. madeline just got back
from shopping & i’ve just finished
unloading. behold. coming soon:
more newly-washed dishes. thanks
be to universe.

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BLT breakfast

Posted by vlorbik on April 14, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-14 at 14.53

most of the dishes seen here were seen yesterday
on the other side of the sink, unwashed.
they’re clean now (but not for long).
meanwhile, instant coffee & a sandwich.
iced tea for madeline. number theory
and lots of it. dishwashing obviously.
wow, 3 pm. starving. time to fry more.

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my new bellpepper-cleaning technique is unstoppable

Posted by vlorbik on April 13, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-13 at 18.03

ramen-noodle stir-fry (again today).
fry up a bunch of bacon and set it aside.
cut up and fry a bunch of celery & carrots
& green-peppers (in three colors: yellow,
orange, and red) in the fat; nuke a couple
packets of ramen for a couple minutes to get
it semisoft; fry that stuff too. add some
soy sauce (the last of it as it turns out)
& some sesame oil.

later on, if all goes well, we’ll have
some BLT’s or something.

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dᴉlɔ ƃɐq

Posted by vlorbik on April 13, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-12 at 20.44

lemonade by the glass.
slice up half a lemon
a little thinner than you can
(if you can keep the slices nice
and round, they’re too thick;
we’ll be *skipping* the step
where you cut the little lemon-
-circle open [the "bartender
cut"; of course one then uses
the last cut to hang the lemon-
-circle on the patron's glass]).
knock out all the seeds & squeeze
the pulpy parts against the inside
of a “tumbler”-sized glass. drop
in the rinds. cover liberally with
sugar (from the “diner sugar pourer”
that makes this task one-handed).
add in some water & as much ice as
will fit. stir with a chopstick.
serves one. (and a half; you can
add some more sugar & water when
you’re done… just be sure to
bang on those rinds good & hard
and don’t expect it to taste as
good as the original batch.)

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all three small glass mixing-bowls (first time ever)

Posted by vlorbik on April 5, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-05 at 10.34

from left to right (naming only
the glassware of the load at hand),
we have 1st sgmb, enormous punch bowl,
Lgmb, measuring-cup, 2nd sgmb, two
escalloped monkey dishes, 3rd sgmb,
big glass “milk” bottle. meanwhile,
i’ve had to move some stuff around
(in the “spice rack”, for example)
to accomodate all the new glass stuff.

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